Curved Stairlift Alpha

– Stable twin rail system
– Space saving design
– Custom colors for seat and rail

Straight Stairlift Essential

– Slim and robust design
– Diagnostic display
– Simple joystick and remote controls

Vertical platformlift Liftboy

– Mobile lifting platform up to 830 mm
– Inside and outside use
– Available in any colour


– Mobile lift for train and stage access
– 1400mm lifting height
– 24V battery powered

Vertical platformlift Elevex

– Lifting height: 1829 mm
– Very robust lift for outdoor installations
– Simple and fast to install

Vertical platformlift Alpin

– Lifting height: 4000 mm
– Platform sidewalls from tempered safety glass
– Simple and fast to install

Stairclimber Stairmax

– No assistent required – autonomous use
– Indoor and outdoor use
– Mobile and independent

Stairclimber Standard

– Adapts to any active wheelchair
– Easy and safe operation
– Indoor and outdoor use

Stairclimber Public

– Carries manual and electric wheelchairs
– Indoor and outdoor use
– Alternative to stairlift

Stairclimber Skate

– Easy to use evacuation chair
– Carries up to 135 kg
– Stable and self-supporting

Airpline Acess Icaros

– For airplane access stairs
– Automatic platform levelling
– For many planes types